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    :: This site will be used as a tool to engage and inform the viewer about my Fergus Falls design.

    :: I will be posting my process and design inspirations throughout the coming year. I would like to invite you to interact and engage in conversation by commenting on my posts. Also, by following this blog you will be updated periodically with my process.

    -Seth A. Holmen

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Final Concert Hall Design.

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Concert Hall Development…

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Design Review…

Today we are having a design review with Thomas Rajkovich http://www.tnr-arch.com/. I’m still changing small areas of my design constantly so it feels like I’m not progressing very fast. However, I do believe the design is getting stronger.  Here is where I’m at for today…

FF Concert Hall…Beauty in the Details

Details…details…details…. Moving beyond the general design, I am now articulated the actual construction methods of the Hall. This is wall section is taken from the South facade. Striving to show authenticity in structure and details I have chosen to use a load-bearing masonry wall construction. This is a wall construction that was once very common … Continue reading

Concert Hall… A much needed change in scale

After looking back at my urban analysis and images from building in Fergus Falls, I came to the hard conclusion that I was heading in the wrong direction with the overall scale of approach to the elevations. Here is the updated Concert Hall design. West elevation and Cross section South Elevation and Longitudinal Section The … Continue reading

Concert Hall…Design Development

Here are some further developed elevations and the beginnings of  a section to show the form of the hall.  There is still a lot of work to do, but it’s heading in the right direction.     West elevation along Court Street. The main body of the Hall is set back from the street to … Continue reading

2060 Downtown Upgrade Plan

Note: Gray roofs represent proposed buildings. Click the links below for a pdf version of the above images. 2060 Downtown Plan Aerial Perspective

Tying It All Together


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